Charline Chapuis


Head of marketing & communication




Real Estate

The Customer

Sogeprom, Société Générale's real estate development subsidiary has been active for over 45 years in all real estate markets : housing, hotels, serviced residences, offices, business parks, retail and mixed-use urban projects. Sogeprom assists its clients, individual or institutional investors, retailers, companies or local authorities throughout the entire real estate development process.
With an overall business volume of €959 million in 2018, 3,042 housing units reserved and 39,759 M² of commercial real estate under construction, Sogeprom operates at a national level.

The Interview

The Challenge

Sogeprom generates thousands of leads a month from different marketing channels, such as social networks, real estate portals, and landing pages. So many leads, in fact, that their sales spend a lot of time contacting and qualifying.

Sogeprom faced two main issues : sales were picking leads subjectively and missing good opportunities, and only their A-tier leads were being worked on.

Anything else lower in grade were just left alone and not contacted. Lead generated by Facebook campaigns were particularly concerned.
Sales were saying that leads generated by Facebook were not qualified at all. They were thinking of 2 solutions : either stop generating leads from this source, or pre-qualifying the leads before sending them to the sales team.

They finally have chosen the second option, as Charline wanted to improve the efficiency and output of their lead engagement and qualification processes.

The Solution

Using Pinpo AI sales assistants to identify and deliver more qualified leads to the sales team and improve their productivity

Sogeprom decided to deploy Pinpo back in January 2019 first to qualify leads generated by Facebook. They quickly extended Pinpo scope to other lead sources in the same area. Pinpo is now active on all lead sources and areas in France.

Sogeprom uses Pinpo to qualify inbound leads within 5 min, from 6am to 12am, 7 days a week. Pinpo collects various information about the lead's project, and books meeting for the sales team.

Pinpo synchronizes in real time all the information with Immolead (their CRM software) and has access to calendars API in order to book meetings for the sales team. Charline thinks that it's one of the key advantage of Pinpo : "One of the key strenght of Pinpo is to connect deeply with CRM software in order to automatically enrich our datas with key information for the sales team".

Pinpo AI Sales assistant turns more leads into meeting as it is able to take appointments at any time of the day or night for our sales team.

Charline Chapuis - Head of marketing & communication

The results

4092 qualified leads, 1250 meeting scheduled for the sales team

Charline is thrilled with the results delivered by Pinpo. The AI sales assistant gets 65% response rate and collects in average 7 additional pieces of information about the prospective customer. What really impressed Charline was the number of meetings Pinpo was able to book for the sales team.

"32% of the leads that Pinpo engages will turn to a meeting with a sales"

More importantly, Sogeprom managed to convert 28 leads in customers. When you compare the cost of Pinpo with the amount generated by the customers : it really worth it . "The quality-price ratio is very interesting"

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