Automate your lead follow-up

Pinpo turns your new leads into sales-ready opportunities through immediate AI-powered and human-driven SMS & Whatsapp

How does it work ?

Automatically send
your leads to Pinpo

Integrate them into the scenario of your choice

Engage, qualify and transfer the hottest opportunities only to your sales people

Powerful conversation builder

Create the persona of your lead conversion assistant.

Customize how you'd like the virtual assistant to introduce itself. Specify its gender, its name, its role, and the way it will handle the conversation in your organisation.

Choose the scenario that fits you best, customize responses or easily create one from scratch.

Pinpo will recommend you the most relevant scenarios. Those scenarios were built using hundreds of thousands of human-to human sales conversations. We improve them daily.

Relax, and let Pinpo do the work.

Our AI will handle most of the conversations, but in case it doesn't understand what the lead is saying, our amazing community of Lead Experts will jump in the conversation. They do the work to create the most exclusive experience for your leads.

Monitor and analyse your performance

Access your key performance indicators in real time.

Identify at a glance the activity of your scenarios. Our real-time dashboard allows you to monitor the volume of leads generated on a daily and hourly basis. You can also track the quality of these leads, and thus the performance of your marketing activities.

Improve your sales and marketing strategy with smart data.

Monitor KPIs thanks to your personalized reporting. This is an advanced dashboard that allows you to track sales and marketing performance, conversations performance, and your offers performance, with deep insights. It will help you take data-driven decisions on strategic topics.

Why choose Pinpo ?

Reach more leads with messaging

The best of AI and humans

All your data centralized

Sync to all your tools in real time

Quick and easy to set up

GDPR compliant

Quick and easy to set up

A dedicated onboarding team will help you at every step of the way.

Ready to get started ?

Contact us or schedule a demo now.

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