Never miss a sales opportunity again

Use Pinpo to deliver fantastic human-like conversations at scale via SMS and Whatsapp.

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Trusted by 50+ amazing sales and marketing teams

Boost your lead conversion rate

without generating more top-of-funnel leads.

Get up to 2.5x more hot sales opportunities

Increase productivity of your sales team by 40%

Improve customer satisfaction with faster & smarter outreach

How Pinpo works

Reach out to leads in your CRM

Pinpo integrates seamlessly with your CRM. You define the customer segments you want Pinpo to reach out to e.g. "new leads" or “leads not followed up in the last 30 days”. Pinpo does the rest.

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Select proven conversation scenarios

Pinpo has pre-built use cases and best practice messaging that you can choose from and customize according to your needs. You can also build your own conversation scenario from scratch following Pinpo's guidelines.

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Engage and qualify leads at super-human scale

Pinpo initiates intelligent back-and-forth SMS & WhatsApp conversations with your leads at scale. Pinpo reads every reply, interprets the lead’s buying intent (e.g. interested, not interested, need more info etc.) and responds accordingly.

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Hand over only qualified leads to your sales team

When leads express interest in buying, Pinpo immediately hands over qualified leads to sales reps, helping them focus on what they do best : SELL ! Your CRM will be updated with all collected information, as well as the full conversation history.

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5 / 5

Pre-qualify your leads easily with Pinpo! A powerful, consistent and qualitative tool.

Flavie - Cofidim
4 / 5

The platform is very intuitive. The Pinpo team is always responsive, accommodating and attentive. It is great!

Ksenya B - Hosman
5 / 5

Pinpo, efficient and effective lead qualification tool by sms and WhatsApp.

Lise Nguyen - Geoxia

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