MGC Connecting


Bruno Moreau


General Manager




Real Estate

The Customer

MGC Connecting is a real estate communication consulting agency and technical service provider. MGC | Connecting has been acting as a facilitator for over 25 years. Their specificities constitute their added value: a human-sized team in startup mode, industrial solutions, developed internally, always customizable and a business expertise exclusively real estate.

The Interview

The Challenge

MGC Connecting's clients were looking for solutions to optimize their response time to prospects and optimize their sales teams performance by helping them identify the hottest opportunities and ROI by easily identifying the most effective media.

The Solution

Using Pinpo to engage and qualify leads from our customers on a large scale or on a specific perimeter

For Bruno, partnering with Pinpo was an obvious choice.

When we shared our need with Pinpo, the team was very attentive to our issues and proposed different solutions to adapt the product to our needs and activate it very quickly.

MGC Connecting customers use Pinpo in two ways. Either in a very surgical way or in a much more massive way.

Thanks to Pinpo, MGC connecting clients have deployed hybrid AI+ human conversational assistants to engage and qualify the real estate project of their leads and book appointments with their sales teams or their internal call center in order to boost sales performance and team productivity.

This partnership allows us to propose a differentiated offer within the framework of our media plans.

Bruno Moreau - General Manager

The results

MGC Connecting customers are highly satisfied by Pinpo.

Bruno is delighted with the results he has obtained with Pinpo and the customer satisfaction it has generated.

"The metric that comes to me is 0: for 0 devices questioned by our customers and 0 for technical problems reported by our customers that have not found a satisfactory resolution. It's a 0 but a very positive 0"

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