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The Customer

IN&FI Crédits is a franchised network of credit brokers created in 2001 by Pascal Beuvelet, a founding member of the Century 21 network and launched as a franchise in 2004.

Their objective is to provide the best mortgage solutions to the largest number of borrowers. Today, IN&FI Crédits has more than 120 agencies throughout France, with more than 350 credit experts to meet their customers' expectations. 

IN&FI Crédits is a brand name, a national brand, a formalized know-how, the experience of a team and a network.

The Interview

The Challenge

In&Fi generates large volumes of leads via their website. The brokers of the network had the responsibility to call back these leads as soon as possible.

However, the sales people are focused on their core business. They are therefore mainly in meetings or working on files during the day and inactive in the evenings and weekends. They are not able to process incoming requests in time. The lead handling time could exceed 24 to 48 hours, resulting in a high loss in the sales tunnel.

In order to ensure real time engagement and maximize conversion, In&Fi started looking for a solution to pre-qualify leads in real time before the broker network.

The Solution

Use Pinpo to qualify leads in real time

In&Fi uses Pinpo to pre-qualify all leads in real time.

The solution allows them to ensure a real time handling of 100% of the leads and thus save time for the teams.

In addition, Pinpo's SMS pre-qualification is more affordable compared to the cost associated with setting up a telephone platform. And the SMS channel is less intrusive.

Technically, the solution is very flexible and was able to adapt easily to our business and our organization.

The platform is very easy to use, with readable and easily exploitable metrics to generate reports.

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Pinpo is an outsourced sales assistant. SMS pre-qualification is more affordable compared to the cost associated with setting up a phone platform.

Thomas Jouan - Digital Director

The results

We doubled our lead conversion rate

Thomas considers the Pinpo results to be outstanding, with a 2-fold increase in customer conversion.

This is the result of a clear increase in contactability. 83% of the leads engaged by Pinpo respond and initiate a conversation.

For Thomas, the SMS conversation is also a key factor in the success of Pinpo. The SMS conversation reassures the leads who are more inclined to listen to the arguments of the In&Fi advisors afterwards.

In conclusion, the solution is a real time saver for the network's brokers and allows them to generate a higher turnover per agency.

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