Story Geoxia


Catherine Verdier Micheneau


Head of Marketing and digital




Real Estate

The Customer

Geoxia is a builder of individual homes, grouping together national and regional brands around 4 businesses: construction, extension, renovation and services. Created in 1946 around its pioneering brand Maisons Phénix, the GEOXIA group has built or renovated more than 500,000 homes throughout France, mainly through its brands Maisons Phénix, Maison Familiale, Maison Castor, Maison Briot, Phénix Évolution and Évolutiv'Habitat.

The Interview

The Challenge

In 2020, post containment, Geoxia was faced with a sharp increase in the volume of leads generated. The marketing team was delivering "raw" leads to the sales teams and had a qualification issue, which prevented the sales teams from identifying the most mature leads among the overall volume. During certain periods, up to 45% of leads were not contacted and many opportunities were lost.

The Solution

Use Pinpo to qualify leads in real time for the 3 brands of the group.

For Catherine, Pinpo was the most relevant and innovative solution to handle her contacts via SMS and via a hybrid solution using artificial intelligence and humans to ensure the best quality of service from the first point of contact.

When we shared our need with Pinpo, the team was very attentive and the implementation seemed fast and accessible.

Pinpo helped Geoxia deploy 3 conversational scenarios, 1 per brand, to engage and qualify its leads in real time. The AI initiates SMS conversations with incoming leads within 5 minutes of their request, to qualify their real estate project and make an appointment with the sales teams. When a prospect shows interest, Pinpo automatically forwards it to the sales team

We found SMS to be less intrusive than a phone call. Pinpo allowed us to obtain a level of information on prospects that we did not have before, which allowed us to use Pinpo for reporting to our general management.

Today, Geoxia uses the Pinpo solution on a daily basis for all lead sources and at a national level. The sales teams quickly got used to the solution and learned to prioritize leads and sales actions according to the temperature identified by Pinpo (hot, warm, cold).

It's a guarantee that 100% of the leads we generate will be processed. Which was not the case before using Pinpo.

Catherine Verdier-Micheneau - Head of Marketing and Digital Geoxia

The results

85,000+ leads processed and 31,446+ appointments validated for sales teams

Catherine is delighted with the results she is getting with Pinpo. Her sales assistant has an average response rate of 71%, of which 53% are identified as hot.

"Pinpo allows us to characterize customer needs in great detail and improve the productivity of our sales teams."

More importantly, Geoxia is impressed with the conversion rates they are achieving on the hot leads identified by Pinpo.

In total, Geoxia's sales assistant has added over 30,000 opportunities to their pipeline in 1.5 years.

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