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The Customer is the french website that revolutionizes the real estate search. They differentiate by their 3D mapping technology and unique search experience. Founded by and for all players in the French real estate industry, Bien'ici has now won over the general public and is positioned among the leaders of PropTech in France. Their ambition is to put digital innovation at the service of their customers : real estate agents and developers, by providing them with high-performance solutions adapted to their needs.

The Interview

The Challenge

Bien'ici was looking for new ways to monetize its audience while assisting and bringing value to their leads after a first contact request online. The goal was to suggest other relevant listings or housing solutions according to the leads profile and need in order to monetize them to Real Estate Developers.

The Solution

Using Pinpo and AI to scale lead outreach and qualification

For Philippe, signing up for Pinpo was not a difficult decision.

"When we shared our need with Pinpo, the team was very attentive to our problems and suggested different solutions to adapt the product to our need and activate very quickly."

Pinpo helped Bien'ici deploy an AI sales assistant that would engage leads at scale. The AI sales assistant start SMS conversations with inbound leads within 5 minutes to qualify their real estate project and if relevant book meeting for various real estate developers. When a lead expressed interest, the AI sales assistant would route the lead to the developer sales team. The sales team would then call or meet the lead.

"Pinpo has allowed us to build a brand-new offer for our customers that generates new business opportunities while being 100% GDPR-compliant."

Today, Bien'ici uses Pinpo software on a daily basis for different customers. For Philippe, Pinpo's strength is its ability to "manage high volume of leads while creating very personalized conversations at scale".

100% of customers who tried this new offer keep buying leads and subscribe to long-term contract.

Philippe de Ligniville - Head of Marketing

The results

13 000 qualified leads in 6 months

Philippe is thrilled with the results he's gotten from Pinpo. His AI sales assistant gets about 60% response rates and collects up to 6 additional information.

"Pinpo allows us to characterize the customer's needs in a very detailed way."

More importantly, Bien'ici managed to get 100% conversion rate with their customers with this new offer. "Customers who try the solution keep using the solution on a long term basis."

Altogether, Bien'ici AI sales assistant added 2,428 hot leads to its customer pipeline in 2021.

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